Types of Affiliate Programs

types of affiliate programs

best affiliate programs

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affiliate programs


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8 thoughts on “Types of Affiliate Programs

  1. Hi, Jonathan, I enjoy reading your articles they are knowlegable and still reading. I have been researching the internet for my niche which is credit cards, loans personal, home mortgages, and only came across a few broker. Creditcard.com, nextadivsor.com, creditcardbroker.com. Would you know of a listing or directory which has a list of brokers for affiliate programs.
    Thank You

    1. A lot of the credit card referral programs have consolidated through the above mentioned brokers. They are also difficult to qualify for and will censor your marketing efforts. That’s not to say it isn’t a very lucrative niche. I will be working towards reviewing some loan and home mortgage affiliate programs in the coming weeks, hope to have some info up shortly.

  2. While there are numerous lucrative markets with plenty of room to play, the key to profitability is identifying the right niche to market your products or services to. You see, of the biggest mistakes in marketing is considering everyone as your target demographic. Marketing to everyone is extremely difficult, chances are, if this is your approach, your product or service will likely be appealing to no one .

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