Search Engine Optimization

Best practice strategies to get your blog or website ranked at the top of search engines. Put these tips into action to organically reach a larger audience that is already searching for your products and services.

Social Media Management

We use tried and true techniques to professionally manage and grow the accounts of our clients. Hashtag research, niche-related follower acquisition and audience engagement are just a few of the tools we use to achieve measurable results.

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What people have to say:

Jonathan really knows his stuff, a lot of great resources here are provided for free that would be hard to find elsewhere.

James Stevens (colleague)

I’ve emailed Jonathan multiple times with questions about my blog, he’s been a very dependable resource!

Paula Turner

What Reach The Gap Is About

REACH THE GAP ONLY focuses on the fundamentals, driving traffic and increasing conversions. All of the noise that doesn't yield success gets ignored. I've helped clients reach a larger audience and engage their audience in a manner that drives sales.

OH YEAH, and I don't just teach it, we live it. I run various successful affiliate websites promoting the products of other companies, I've also launched a profitable e-commerce store.

FEEL FREE to ask any questions about my experience. I'd love to share what I've learned and help others grow the online presence of their business.

What's the Gap?

We all set out to start a new business with a target market in mind. Often the potential is huge. It's not until a few months in that we encounter the gap - that vast amount of potential customers in your audience that you haven't been able to reach. It's frustrating, until you start to put strategies in place to reach that gap and continue to grow.

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